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Eostrix here at the sites of a cozy game of Space Engineers. Reports of flying saucers landing near bases were called into the station last night. Witnesses say that they can see what looks like a space man controlling it, authorities gave no comment when asked about these strange sightings. Only time will show if these so called space men are friendly or foe and what their true intentions could possible be...
Just finished setting up my REV account BIO and linked accounts. Now I'm going to finish my SE faction info. Exciting stuff!
You guys still only alliance, my guild is getting low on numbers and was debating bring them here - Chem
Hey I was Wondering If we could make A PUBG Server? I've am Pretty Good but i just cant find a good clan for it!
I agree, we can start a GrassRoots movement right here to push for a bill, on capitol hill, to get passed so we can budget enough nukes to take that bitch ass sun out.