Connection Speed and Cost.


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I think we should hold a little contest here at Revenant, I'm curious who pays the most for a crappy connection. How it works, , click the nearest town, show us your results and what you pay for it. Data only cost though, if you are bundled try to break it down to what the data costs. For example, I pay roughly $135 a month for my TV, Internet and phone minus about 8 for another box so let's say $127. For my provider, Tv is more then Internet which is usually more then phone. So I'm doing a 3-2-1 split. So it's about 30-40 bucks for my Internet.

So I have Time Warner Cable(Awful Provider but really the only provider in my area). My plan is 15Mbps Down and 1 Mbps up.




here is mine! apparently i'm faster than 83% of everyone in Portugal, that's goo to know!
I pay 60€ for everything, that is internet, tv, telephone, plus 2 mobile phones with free everything to everything carrier! I don't know how to do this match now lol maybe 20€, less? idk


About 20-25 Euro optic fiber connection. Fiber optic cable runs into the modem (wish i had a 100/1000 network at home) plus another 5-10 Euro for phone and tv (but these are separate).