anyone know if this little NUC is worth a damn as an htpc?



i already picked out some ram and an ssd to put in when i get it. OS isnt a problem either. ;)
anyway if anyone has one could you tell me how it does heat wise when playing 1080p video? (as far as i am concerned 4k is an overpriced boondoggle. if you want to hear why feel free to ask.:p)
i have a sony bdp-s3700 blu-ray player but it apparently doesnt support many of the formats it advertises support for, (divx mainly as well as anything not widely used on mkv's since the latest update to the firmware) and it tends to lock up when i find a video that it plays, and the only thing it does right is blu-rays (most of the time) and dvds. so as a result i am making an htpc. trying to keep under $325 final cost for all components.


okay, so i decided i'll just build an htpc. found affordable parts to be able to do this and keep it within my budget
any suggestions as to what i should change if anything? wondering cause i mainly build pc's for gaming and never built one strictly for multimedia, so i am unsure of how low i can go spec-wise before it's too low. as long as it handles 1080p video playback with occasional youtube/netflix use without stuttering i would be happy.
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At my old job we used NUC's and attached them on the back of large conference room TV's. Unfortunately they weren't really stress tested and were only used for email, webex's etc. However in normal day to day use. They worked really well and were reliable.


thanks for the input. i figured out the pcpartspicker list is cheaper than the nuc anyway, all said and done. not by much but still.