Admin's Folly PVP Event!


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ARK Admin
Hello Revenant Survivors!

The time has come... long awaited.... PVP!!!!

There is a base setup and made by the tribe "Admin's Folly". Here, you will see a base that is ready for the fun PVP raiding. This will be something new since it will all happen on a PVE server, so here are some rules to keep in mind.

1) This PVP event is completely voluntary, you do not have to participate! The PVP can only happen if you declare "Tribe War" against the Admin's Folly tribe.
2) This raid will be just like any raid you might have watched/participated on in your ark career. if you breach the walls, you may take whatever items/bp's/resources you may find.
3) Keep in mind the Admin's Folly tribe will not just roll over and let you win! Only bring dinos, weaps, and gear you are willing to lose! This whole pvp event is to prevent folks from losing things they have worked so very hard to get.
4) This PVP event will be the WHOLE server vs Staff and Admin members - Are you up for the challenge?
5) If the server manages to defeat the Admin's Folly tribe, the server will receive a very cool reward, Upon demolition of the Admin's Folly base, the server will receive an opportunity to work together to overcome 4 Lava Golem bosses at the same time. This won't be the easiest challenge so be sure you are well equipped for it!

A few more things to know;

This PVP event will be on June 10th, at 8PM Eastern Standard Time. Don't be late!

We will not be divulging the location of Admin's Folly base, you must scout it out for yourselves as if it were a real pvp server :)

Please keep in mind this may be a PVP event, but the idea of hosting these events is to promote togetherness among the server. Revenant Gaming is growing and we want to try and challenge new members and veteran members alike!

You most certainly bet in the future there will be raids scheduled that may have fun restrictions, some ideas are maybe a scheduled raid is not allowed to use any flyers, or only allowed to use "X" weapon type. Either way, expect more fun to be had in the future!

I truly wish all of you the best, and will catch you in game!
- Darkele (The Paragon)