A look on Windows 10 build 10240, the final beta release.




It's almost here, the release of windows 10, i hope you guys all have reserved your copy, because i'm about to break down 'the final beta release of windows 10, build 10240', and this is the build that most likely, with a few more bug fixes and updates, will get pushed out.

Windows 10, made to be fast, and to resume fast, and so far, this hasn't been a lie, as windows 10 indeed resumes to be fast at any given moment.

The layout and design of windows 10 is my thing, and everything looks well organised and slik in design, the annoying metro style of windows 8.1 is no more, and instead, they have combined both the simplicity of windows 7, and the honestly, more tablet focused windows 8.1 in one operating system.

everything is where poeple are used to find everything, on the start menu, fully customizeable to your liking, did you prefer a windows 8.1 look of the start menu? then you can resize the start menu to fit your entire screen, like it was in windows 8.1, or do you prefer the windows 7 style? that's no problem either, and it keeps it's customizeable options. Add or remove apps, move and resize them, anything is possible.

Windows 8.1 style:

Windows 7 style:

1 of the pre-installed apps which has undergone some change, is the mail app, and now it is possible to have all your mails in 1 single place, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and so on can now all be added and synced with the app, and this keeps it very simple for poeple with multiple e-mails, logging in on different websites is yesterday with this app. Also a cool feature is that you can put a custom background aswell.

Another app, that was announced as 'project spartan', has gotten his true identity, and is now 'microsoft edge', a brand new browser, which offer some new unique things.
ever found it annoying to read something on a website that has ads? microsoft edge offer a interesting feature to read the article as a E-book, without the annoying ads in your way, which surely will be a interesting feature for many.
Or did you want to show poeple specific things, in a interesting way? or just feeling bored? You can now draw in microsoft edge, to show specific things to poeple to read, or just to ask them perhaps in a special way.

Cortana, the very well knows and lovely windows side-kick, is includes in windows 10, and available to assist you in anything you need to know, whenever that is booking a reservation in a restaurant near you, or just simply looking for specific webpages and information on the internet, ask her and she will give everything you need at your fingertips. Jokes and opinions included as you can also talk normally to her, tell her jokes, and ask for opinions, such as, what she thinks of apple for example.
Sadly enough, i cannot test out cortana myself as she still remains unavailable in most countries, but i sure do hope she gets added in all languages and countries in the future.

Multi-tasking and switching between active apps and programs is easy in windows 10, and to make it even more easier, you can make a alternative desktop window to keep things in one place where you want them to be without the clutter of any other apps and programs in the way, while everything remains in the taskbar whenever you need them again, say you are listening to music on spotify, and want to work on a project you have in photoshop without all other windows open blocking you off or being in your way, make a alternate desktop, open up photoshop, and work on your project in a isolated envirement while you can leave everything open on the other desktop page. Snapping things to the side on your desktop is now also made easy, as you have the ability to see what else is minimized and choose what else you want to see alongside your current window.

Windows 10 has obviously not forgotten about tablet users, as windows 8.1 really felt too much like a tablet & touchscreen optimized windows, which did lead to poeple staying at windows 7 instead. Windows 10 comes with a tablet mode, designed for them, with all those great features still in their hands. It is easy to switch between tablet and desktop mode, and when installing windows 10 for the first time, it will also automaticly enable the correct mode for you, when the installation detects a keyboard, it enabled desktop mode, when it can't detect a keyboard, it will enable tablet mode for you.

Gaming wise now, windows 10 at the moment does not give a huge performance boost in gaming, but bugs it had previously with games have been fixed, such as being unable to play games in full screen mode, however, games do run great on windows 10 like on any previous windows.
The real game changer that windows 10 has is obviously DirectX 12, which will set a new standard once games will start using this, of course, you will need a graphics card such as the GTX 980 to be able to use DirectX 12, as all older cards do not support it, for now, it is not needed to do a upgrade, as no games use DirectX 12 yet.
Why will DirectX 12 set a new standard for gaming exactly? For one, it will be great for poeple that are running any of the NVIDIA GTX 900 series cards along with a older processor, or poeple that have a bottleneck going on, DirectX 12 will be designed to take away most of a bottleneck and turn it into FPS increasement in games, the other reason, it will have stunning new Graphic options, and a amazingly DirectX 12 demo can be watched here:

Realistic Visuals and very detailed graphics is what DirectX 12 will offer when games will start using this.

Windows 10 will be available to poeple after july 29th of this month in the form of a free upgrade, so make sure you sign-up and reserve your upgrade.

Windows 10 is build for simplicity, power and ease of access, and combines windows 7, windows 8.1, windows phones and tablets in one operating system. Are you prepared to make it yours?



very good article.
Who payed you dude? lol just kidding

It does sound to have very good feature and if the performance only increases then that makes me happy!


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Nice article, Windows 10 is looking to be a great OS, although I enjoyed 8 all you whiners =P