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  1. Sipowicz

    Scripts Whitelist

    Just as an official update: I did attempt to install the 'Script Manager' plug-in. However there server would not load. I have an error log, and hopefully will get some assistance on sorting out if the issue is the plug-in, or our config. At the same time I am researching other...
  2. Sipowicz

    Scripts Whitelist

    We are going to start White-Listing scripts. I'd like to start with a few of these From there we can have community discussions, where players can nominate and admins can vet potential new scripts to add to the white list. If...
  3. Sipowicz

    IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN! (Mod Poll)

    So the winning mods were: We wanted to add them sooner, however the server has been rather pesky...
  4. Sipowicz

    HOW-TO: Use VRage Remote Client

    First step is locating the client, I highly recommend creating a short-cut. The VRage client is located with the base game installation files. Easiest way to access them is through Steam. Game Properties, then Browse Local Files: Navigate to into the 'DedicatedServer64' folder, and locate...
  5. Sipowicz

    New Instance

    Once the new S.E. version is released (with-in the next few days hopefully) we will be building a new instance to replace our limping one. It will be a PvPvE server. This means even though the bullets are real, you can't shoot your neighbor (That's a no no). Same Config we have now. This...
  6. Sipowicz

    Update S+ Settings.

    JUST A HEADS UP. After taking some more info based on @Night 's suggestion, we will NEED to do some testing on the Demo Gun feature BEFORE we add it. If we can reproduce some of the concerns expressed to me about that feature, I will HAVE to veto that option.
  7. Sipowicz

    Update S+ Settings.

    Due to popular demand we are going to revisit our LONG standing settings for S+. These settings have been put in place to ensure we don't over simplify intended game mechanics. Some things may not make a whole lot of sense by themselves, but as a whole intended to create some sort of challenge...
  8. Sipowicz

    Head-Mounted Displays (VR)

    As I make my entry into the world of VR, I know there is no going back.... Who wants to join me? Ill start with my System spec's (which I promised to post elsewhere, and failed to do :p) Windows 10 Mobo: ASUS Saber-Tooth Z77 CPU: Intel i7 3770 3.40Ghz (non K) RAM: 16GB HyperX Beast DDR3...
  9. Sipowicz

    Trouble-Shooting Revenant Gaming Servers

    Hello Friends!! Had an issue with our game machine today that I think I solved. One that I already addressed when I originally wrote our update scripts roughly a year ago. I wanna detail the issue here just in case it falls within in the scope of knowledge for any of our members. We could...
  10. Sipowicz


    Its comming.... Are you ready? We are! The new map will open the day of release. All settings will match the cluster (Island, Rag, Scoreched), with the following exclusions.... The following settings restrictions will be in place for the first 30 days: Experience and Harvesting will be 1x...
  11. Sipowicz

    Configuration Revamp

    Although long overdue, I have finally gone through server settings to clean up old entries, and fix new entries. In-game, few changes should be noticeable. Aside from a few performance improvements I have increased Grid Block limits to 16k, up from 10k. I have also enabled Wolves to spawn on...
  12. Sipowicz

    Grid Sizes

    I still need to research what the latest reasonable limits are in relation to performance. including drills, and some other block limits These limits were originally set prior to the big MP update. At the time they were set generously, and since the MP update many of them have increased. The...
  13. Sipowicz

    ***Potential Mods

    Were going to start with the mods on the OP list. I am working on configuration for them. Ill be setting up a poll on this thread to confirm with our player base that they are a go. Once the vote is concluded ill set the mods up on the server. We will try them out for a few weeks, and as...
  14. Sipowicz

    ***Admin Help Wanted***

    Hello Commanders!! We have a larger group of players for this game now, and are looking for help managing the server. In-Game admins access their roles VIA a second steam account, using family sharing. Those with some I.T. experience can also be set up with access to the web-panel to help...
  15. Sipowicz

    ***Potential Mods

    So over the last few months we have discussed various mods. I have spent some time looking at some of them, and to be honest they ALL look pretty good. I want to post all of the mods we've talked about here, and get a more organized discussion going. The issues we need to discuss. Potential...
  16. Sipowicz

    Trophy Transfers

    As soon as i get the options configured i will add the mod in, possibly today, although i'm not sure. Ill announce when before I plop it on there. In the meantime everyone who doesn't already have the mod should add it. Ill get it posted to the MOD pack, and on the Info pages for the servers!!
  17. Sipowicz

    Putting the Titanosaur to Work

    3 total spawns per server, from my understanding that includes tamed.
  18. Sipowicz

    Mutator vs Nanny for Imprinting

    So I've looked into this, and I think its a great idea. This feature will let players get 100% imprint on any dino regardless of the multiplier at the time. If we don't like the engram requirements, I should be able to customize them. I will enable the Mutator, but it will ONLY be able to...
  19. Sipowicz

    Putting the Titanosaur to Work

    I might be able to customize the spawns. If not, admins can still spawn them in after the 3 have been tamed. THE ONLY other issue, is enforcing a tribe limit would need to be done manually. There doesn't appear to be any settings for it. Ill keep lookin.
  20. Sipowicz

    Putting the Titanosaur to Work

    I'm not against this.. BUT... how do we go about making it fair? Once three are tamed, is that it? I know for sure ill never hear the end of that. :ROFLMAO: