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    Perma Titans.

    We would be setting up some rules as to how we can be fair about titans being released. We don't want people to unsoul the titan and make a big "sky base". That would make the titan experience very unpleasant to other players who want to enjoy their own titans or tame one for themselves.
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    Perma Titans.

    i would like to put up a vote to enable feeding of titans on ark. It would be a great addition to rev servers since we are pve and want to be able to use the titans we tame and not have them starve once released from souls.
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    Trophy Transfers

    I suggest looking into being able to transfer trophies from map to map. We can transfer artifacts but not rex arms??? Makes no sense.
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    Pvp unmanned Base/Maze raid. july 7, 2018 @ 8 PM EST

    Those are the rules for tomorrows pvp event
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    Pvp unmanned Base/Maze raid. july 7, 2018 @ 8 PM EST

    1. start from the bottom and work your way up to the peak. 2. keep what loot you find, if you keep diving deeper and die thats your own problem. feel free to unload loot and re enter, if you the next person can loot your bag if they are able. so dive deeper at your own risk. 3. beware of traps...
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    **VOTE** Baby Cuddle Interval

    Id say do the nanny. Then ppl can opt out of not using if they want harder raising. Its not op for pve and just helps ppl with real life too. If stuff comes up your dinos dont die instantly, they still have a chance to survive and get imprinted
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    Pvp unmanned Base/Maze raid. july 7, 2018 @ 8 PM EST

    Come join the server in a server vs admin base raid. Base will be unmanned but will not be safe :p come on inside and avoid traps and other surprises. Maze design with loot all over. Start from the bottom of the base and work your way up to bigger and brighter things!! EVENT RULES 1. start...
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    Vote To Wipe "The Volcano"

    Turret limits are a problem. without then ppl can make like phillip said lots of turrets. but with the turret limit it makes turrets useless. since i could just fill a platform build dino with turrets and walk in making the enemies count over 100 shutting down their turrets. its a broken system...
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    PvP Server, Yes... Again!!

    I agree. The lag when passing the volcano almost crashes the pc. The variety of stuff on the volcano map is amazing but its too glitchy. So many spots in caves where there is no wold below you and spots like rodeo said. Im totally down for a wipe and re do with rag.
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    Terror Bird Racing: February 17, 2018 @ 7 PM EST

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    Pics for 4x breeding event

    Love it
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    The New Deal

    And just to be clear. There are only 3 "established" tribes on the island. Hobos, acopolissa and dude. Neither of them i believe would attack anyone unless provoked. You all know us and how we play. There are a couple other tribes there but for the most part are just starting out or restarting...
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    The New Deal

    I was thinking about the pvpve island and how people are concerned about raiding from established tribes. Even tho i strongly believe that would never be an issue i think if people are interested we could implement a general raiding rule. If people are interested in raiding they would have to be...
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    *Vote* Reusable MOD suggestion

    Would love grapples allowed in all caves and reusable
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    **Settings and MOD suggestions** (S+ SETTINGS)

    Things are about to get interesting.