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  1. Phillip

    ARK items lost ticket format

    ARK items lost ticket format: -In Game Player Name/Tribe Name -Map items were lost -Coordinates of Tribe's Base -Reason for loss If requesting lost dinos: -Dino Level, Dino Class, Dino Name, Last map the dino was soul orbed on. If requesting gear: -dmg%/armor level, quality (jm/mc/asc)...
  2. Phillip

    Valguero "Fix" Mod

    REV Survivors! When Valguero was announced, they had a lot of dinos in the trailer that didn't actually make it to the final cut - The original DEVs for the map had intent for more items to be put in (caves, dinos, resources, etc.) but WC decided to take those out/not include them when they...
  3. Phillip

    Phillip's Kibble Sales

    Hey y'all, noticing more people asking for kibble pretty regularly on the sever and in the Discord, so I thought about starting a Kibble Sale Program. Tag me in Discord, or ask in Global. I'm on a lot of evenings, so most chances I'll be available. 1k meat for 20 most kibble 2k meat for 20...
  4. Phillip

    Mutator vs Nanny for Imprinting

    I don't feel like the nanny is accomplishing what we were looking for it to do... It's helpful for sure, but the imprints still required after the nanny does her job makes it almost harder now to properly time out your imprints/hatches to get 100%, and its still waking up at 3AM to hit them if...