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  1. Darkele

    Grid Sizes

    Hey all, recently discovered the grid size is set to 10,000, I am interested to see that number go higher... to about the 15k-18k mark so people can build the stations/ships they really want to. Currently in the process of building a station and discovered this limitation was in effect... any...
  2. Darkele

    ***Potential Mods

    Hey Sip, sorry for the delayed response on this post, been busy doing all of the things! I think its a good idea to start off with HUD Compass and Updated compact batteries and retractable landing gear, as these mods dont have a huge impact on server performance and are very much QoL for the...
  3. Darkele

    WhiteWalkers PVP Event

    This sounds fantastic! Always cool to see some pvp stuffs :P
  4. Darkele

    **VOTE** Baby Cuddle Interval

    I think I am in agreement with Maka on this subject. I would rather try and resolve this issue with a mod we already have installed on the server (S+) then tweak and mess with the server settings or even add another mod for the server to have to update and keep up with. As states before as well...
  5. Darkele

    Pvp unmanned Base/Maze raid. july 7, 2018 @ 8 PM EST

    This event will be amazingly fun, I a know "The Paragon" are showing up with a ton of resources to crack it open >:D
  6. Darkele

    Pvp unmanned Base/Maze raid. july 7, 2018 @ 8 PM EST

    you can count on me being there! This does sound interesting :D
  7. Darkele

    Admin's Folly PVP Event!

    Bumping this post so it can be seen by members again! It's happening THIS Sunday!!!!!
  8. Darkele

    Admin's Folly PVP Event!

    Hello Revenant Survivors! The time has come... long awaited.... PVP!!!! There is a base setup and made by the tribe "Admin's Folly". Here, you will see a base that is ready for the fun PVP raiding. This will be something new since it will all happen on a PVE server, so here are some...
  9. Darkele

    Revenant's PVE Revelation!

    Hello Revenant Gamers! At the moment there is a plan in the works to have some fun PVP on the PVE Ragnarok server. I will lay out some information for everyone and what the PVP is going to be all about. First, let me start by saying this PVP event is completely optional. The PVE...
  10. Darkele

    New Toys for ARK!

    So far I think the community really loves the new mod additions! Has there been any thought about adding that ARK Shop mod?
  11. Darkele

    PVP on a PVE server?!

    Hello fellow Survivors! I would like to start a thread here to talk a little about doing some fun pvp on the pve Rag map. The idea here is to enjoy some of the game play of pvp without the unfortunate loss of losing your main base, or even dinos getting killed by accident or whatever...
  12. Darkele

    *Vote* Floating Damage Text

    Woot! glad to see some folks getting on board with this :)
  13. Darkele

    *Vote* Floating Damage Text

    Hey all, I am curious if anyone else would like to have damage numbers enabled on the server? I know on pvp servers it is diabled because of base turrets and causeing huge lag from the numbers, but this request is for the Ragnarok PVE server :) anyone else have thoughts on this? I just think it...
  14. Darkele

    **Settings and MOD suggestions** (S+ SETTINGS)

    I agree completely!! Making tribe imprinting available would definately help tribe cohesion and hopefully promote more peeps to join up in tribes. Since alot of players cant be online for every imprint, this would be a great option for all of us on the server i think :D