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  1. Sipowicz

    Scripts Whitelist

    We are going to start White-Listing scripts. I'd like to start with a few of these From there we can have community discussions, where players can nominate and admins can vet potential new scripts to add to the white list. If...
  2. Sipowicz

    HOW-TO: Use VRage Remote Client

    First step is locating the client, I highly recommend creating a short-cut. The VRage client is located with the base game installation files. Easiest way to access them is through Steam. Game Properties, then Browse Local Files: Navigate to into the 'DedicatedServer64' folder, and locate...
  3. Sipowicz

    New Instance

    Once the new S.E. version is released (with-in the next few days hopefully) we will be building a new instance to replace our limping one. It will be a PvPvE server. This means even though the bullets are real, you can't shoot your neighbor (That's a no no). Same Config we have now. This...
  4. Sipowicz

    Update S+ Settings.

    Due to popular demand we are going to revisit our LONG standing settings for S+. These settings have been put in place to ensure we don't over simplify intended game mechanics. Some things may not make a whole lot of sense by themselves, but as a whole intended to create some sort of challenge...
  5. Sipowicz

    Head-Mounted Displays (VR)

    As I make my entry into the world of VR, I know there is no going back.... Who wants to join me? Ill start with my System spec's (which I promised to post elsewhere, and failed to do :p) Windows 10 Mobo: ASUS Saber-Tooth Z77 CPU: Intel i7 3770 3.40Ghz (non K) RAM: 16GB HyperX Beast DDR3...
  6. Sipowicz

    Trouble-Shooting Revenant Gaming Servers

    Hello Friends!! Had an issue with our game machine today that I think I solved. One that I already addressed when I originally wrote our update scripts roughly a year ago. I wanna detail the issue here just in case it falls within in the scope of knowledge for any of our members. We could...
  7. Sipowicz


    Its comming.... Are you ready? We are! The new map will open the day of release. All settings will match the cluster (Island, Rag, Scoreched), with the following exclusions.... The following settings restrictions will be in place for the first 30 days: Experience and Harvesting will be 1x...
  8. Sipowicz

    Configuration Revamp

    Although long overdue, I have finally gone through server settings to clean up old entries, and fix new entries. In-game, few changes should be noticeable. Aside from a few performance improvements I have increased Grid Block limits to 16k, up from 10k. I have also enabled Wolves to spawn on...
  9. Sipowicz

    ***Admin Help Wanted***

    Hello Commanders!! We have a larger group of players for this game now, and are looking for help managing the server. In-Game admins access their roles VIA a second steam account, using family sharing. Those with some I.T. experience can also be set up with access to the web-panel to help...
  10. Sipowicz

    ***Potential Mods

    So over the last few months we have discussed various mods. I have spent some time looking at some of them, and to be honest they ALL look pretty good. I want to post all of the mods we've talked about here, and get a more organized discussion going. The issues we need to discuss. Potential...
  11. Sipowicz

    **VOTE** Baby Cuddle Interval

    After doing some more research on this, it turns out the default cuddle interval effects more dinos than we thought. Solutions: 1. Change Baby Cuddle Multiplier 3hr intervals for the event, and 5hr intervals normally. Also add the S+ Nanny at a 75% cap to help with the long tames. 2. Change...
  12. Sipowicz

    **GOOD NEWS**Aberration and Dino Storage!!!!

    GOOD NEWS!! Before disabling the storage mod on AB, @DudeAwesome and I decided to try one more time to solve the problem with its settings. As a result we were able to prevent an exploit that allowed Non-native AB dinos into the map. Currently only dinos that are NORMALLY allowed can be...
  13. Sipowicz

    **Settings and MOD suggestions**

    This thread is for suggestions on any improvements we can make to the Space Engineers server. This can include MOD additions, and any server side settings that can be altered. Keep in mind that any new mods COULD have a negative impact on server stability, and if we do choose to install any more...
  14. Sipowicz

    Server Vote Links

    Hello Gamers! Do you enjoy playing with Revenant? Would like to see our community grow? Appreciate the effort we put into hosting quality gaming time? If the answer to any of those questions is "Yes" PLEASE VOTE! Voting for Game Servers Voting for our Game servers helps keep our listings...
  15. Sipowicz

    ** ATTENTION** Server Maintenance

  16. Sipowicz

    New Toys for ARK!

    Hello Gamers!! How bout we spice things up a little with our PvE ARK Cluster? We have our settings dialed in, and seem to be happy with them... time for some new toys!! There have been a few mods on my "some day" list for a long time. Let me know what you guys think. I think the servers...
  17. Sipowicz

    Vote To Wipe "The Volcano"

    Its time. We're technically a few weeks early, but the map hasn't had any log'ins for over a week. Time to wipe. Use the comments to nominate a new map, or suggest some other changes!!
  18. Sipowicz

    Dino Caps!!!!!

    So... We FINALLY HIT IT! Our servers are currently set to default with a Tamed Dino Limit of 3700. This is going to be Changed to 8000 for the whole server. Currently there are no limits to how many tamed dinos a tribe can have. We are going to change that to a limit of 400 dinos per tribe...
  19. Sipowicz

    Ark Committee

    Not very long ago we created a new group/channel in Discord Called "Ark Committee". The purpose of this group is to organize discussion between members of our ARK community about the future direction of our ARK servers. This includes ideas like: Settings Mods Events Future servers...
  20. Sipowicz

    New Games to Host???

    We have more room on the server box. We are looking to host more games. I have some ideas for what we can run, but id like to hear from our members first. If you have any ideas, feel free to nominate a game by commenting on this post. If this thread sees enough action we'll hold a vote. If...